Supriya Sahai

Ambassadors of the Future

A Program for Teenagers and Young Adults

I’m passionate about youth transformation. I believe that every child is full of potential to create a huge impact with their inner brilliance right now! Not in the future. I have successfully conducted Creative Thinking Workshops at India High School, Dubai. I ran a Gavel club for 55 students at JSS International School. I’m associated with Ureka Group, Dubai to conduct Leadership sessions for students and MBA students coming from India for International Induction. I facilitate Design Thinking workshop for young adults which is accredited by the NYU Singapore.

Being a mother of two brilliant human beings opened up my quest to grow along my children. The process has provided me deep insights into the amazing and creative minds of children. As a youth coach I have clients who are young adults and parents of these children. I take in the family dynamics into coaching the child, as the environment needs to be enriching for the children to flourish.

As a Life and Career Coach I deeply believe in the power each child holds within. They are a powerhouse of dreams, ideas, aspirations waiting to be expressed.

80% of adults in their late 30’s and early 40’s begin to realise they are living a life and making a career which they never wanted. The reason is simple – as young adults we chase an aspirational life driven by external factors like peers/ trends/lifestyle.

A life of fulfilment needs time and intention and what a gift if you can create one to begin your most fruitful phase with a deep knowing of what you truly want from within yourself?

We know that your child stands at a brink of choosing a future for themselves. A future entails not only their career but also other aspects like – what kind of friends, what habits will be useful? How will they manage finance and money? How health will play a crucial role in their overall wellbeing, etc.

In this program we focus on the whole person rather than solving certain issues and topics.

We are passionate to provide our young adults with the tangible tools and skills that they can use to create an intentional life for themselves.