Supriya Sahai

Gadgets in the lives of young children aged 0-12 is overrated!

Yes I know THIS and you know THIS very well by now if you have young children.

But what are we doing about this? I know if you have come this far and reading this page you are not one of those who simply like to leave things as they are especially when it comes to the well being of your child.

Me too! I am mother of two beautiful children and I realized back in 2015 that unknowingly I hooked my then 3 year old son to mobile and cartoon binging in the name of – learning and keeping him busy.

But as each day passed by and I was expecting my second child I realized this madness of my son being constantly addicted to the next screen time and all the manipulation around it has to stop. I simply could not afford two crazy humans in my home.

So I began my efforts, research, tweaks, to understand a whole lot of aspects of gadgets and its effects on young minds.

Today 4.5 years from then I am proud to say that I am helping my daughter learning very well without any gadget intervention and my son also enjoys his life outside gadgets.

What you will learn in the workshop?

Understanding the Accidental Parenting Trend
In this section I will share why introducing gadgets to young children is a created need of multi billion dollar companies and why we need to fend for our own children. As there are very less solutions the same companies up with when our children show signs of Over dependency on gadgets.
Why young children seem to misbehave around denial of gadgets?
It is easier to handle the power struggles of our children when you know the core reason of this addiction. It is easier as a human to empathize when we are trying to minimize the screen time of our children especially when they are howling and screaming for more screen all the time.
The four A’s quadrant to manage power struggles around gadgets
In this section I will share a very visual and easy tool that you can print and use as a communication medium with you children when you begin reducing their and your passive screen bingeing.
Co-creating your family culture
This is a very intense and a fun session where I run through some fun and thoughtful exercises to help you build a goal for your entire family and also show you how can you do the same for your children to feel more empowered at any age starting from 2 to express what do they want to express within your family unit.
Identifying your learning gaps
As a life and career coach I have received an opportunity to sit and coach people who are parents and I have realized a lot of knots and stuckness in their own life is the root cause of their own escapism and excuses of why they constantly feel tired and exhausted and confused being a parent. This constant negative chatter results in escaping in the lives of their young children naturally. This section will help us bring clarity so that we stop using excuses in our own life to be more available for the life we have brought into this world


August  8th and 9th August

Timing – 12pm DUBAI time – 3PM both days

In total 6 hours workshop!