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In the lives of young Children aged 0-14 Years

Authentic learning for young minds does not lie in brainwashing them to stay outside of themselves. There is a vast resource inside of them waiting to come out at the right time. We must learn to respect the Law of incubation. You will never witness in nature the energy of comparison and hurry. Nature trust each creation to unfold at their right time.We as parents adults must re-learn to hold time and allow the lives of our children to unfold at their individual pace. Allow children young human beings to be authentic, resilientand learn to be interdependent on themselves.

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A Little Further Peep Into The Book

Prelude to nurturing young children in the 21st century


Gadget addiction is no more fiction-it’s a stark reality which faces the human race with all its pluses and minuses. On one hand it’s doing a lot to improve our quality of life but on the other hand it is adversely affecting the concentration and creativity of young minds at an alarming speed!

Being a mother of two lovely children it didn’t take me long to realize the threat these gadgets were posing to my young children. Animated films were replacing the creative and exploratory pursuits of my children. If denied they would act abnormally like an addict. As a mother this was not acceptable to me.

Being an army kid I was used to physical and exploratory activities and here I was a mute witness to the gadget addiction of my elder child. Enough I told myself one day and started finding ways and means to reduce this addiction 5 years back!


I am happy to say that today I have reduced the gadget exposure of my children to the minimum. Having tested and succeeded with my children I encouraged some of my friends to do the same and happily results were same. Seeing our children physically and mentally active brings us joy and satisfaction.

Being a student of psychology I started researching the area of gadget addiction, especially its effect on the human brain during the formative years. The findings were an eye opener and scary. Finally I decided to share my learning outcomes and personal experiences with the parents of children between ages 1 to 14 through a book and hence the book.

I hope it would give some good food for thought to the affected parents. Essence of my book is that parenting is a serious business and needs involvement not participation.

Please pass this book as a gift to your family or any family you know who have young children and are struggling with the gadget clutter!


Structure of the Book

The book is divided in 4 sections

Section One : Eagle Perspective

Understanding the existing market of gadgets for young children

Section Two : The Learners Mindset

Creating a new perspective – as parents to young children

Section Three : Reduce

Immediate Tactics – Actions and Measures to Reduce Gadget Addiction Immediately

Section Four : Prevent

Strategise to prevent – Parent less. Do Less. Have Fun

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Supriya Sahai

Life & Career Coach

Mother of two brilliant human beings

The Coaches Training Institute, USA Alumni of National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad

Certified Edward De Bono – Creative Thinking Methods

EQi 2.0, Emotional Intelligence assessor – certified by the American Association of Psychology

MTA certified for Team building and Leadership, London

She is passionate about youth transformation. She has successfully conducted Creative Thinking Workshops at Indian High School, Dubai. She ran a Gavel club for 55 students at JSS International School. She is associated with Ureka Group, Dubai to conduct Leadership sessions for MBA students coming from India for International Induction. She facilitates Design Thinking for Innovation and Social Change workshop for young adults with a youth learning center in Dubai.

After running the business development for a leading company of Dubai, for a good five years she began her coaching journey to transfer the immense possibilities to business owners and executives in the corporates.

She successfully conducted training sessions at Falconpack, Intertec Systems, Unity Infotech, BDO Dubai, Endress Hauser, ETA – Dubai to name a few.

Get Your Copy of GADGET[Less]