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Speaking of where I left in my last video – Global warming is real and toys and gadgets are adding 40% to the global waste. But you know what is lurking right now in face of our childrens present. (since most of my videos are short with an important message you can see this video through the link in the description box below).

Coming back to what is lurking in the face of our children’s life – Child Depression and suicides. We are making our children so externally driven with the rat race of mine crafts / x boxes / one toy character over the other that there is no room for the beautiful and young souls to really touch their inner calm. Whenever life throws tough emotions on their being all we have in the moment for them is to shhhhhh …keep quiet – here watch something you like or play with your favourite character or our best arsenal what is the next toy that you want?

So what is important to you as a parent?

  • Creating a wonder world for your children filled with exotic toys and gadgets?
  • Handing them “educational” cartoons that are making them lazier and irritable by the day?
  • Spending shit load of money in schools which are – technology paced! 6 year old coming home with stuff to be done on i-pads and power point presentations?

If you are a parent of children between 0 – 12 I will request you to think deep / think within and ask – What is the dream I have for my child?

Just pause this video here or later today really write what is coming up for you?

Mostly as a parent we all dream happiness / joy / safety / health for our children no matter what.

I want you to think carefully about these words now – happiness – joy – safety – health

None of your dreams are being fulfilled when you glue your child to mindless viewing of gadgets at such a young age.

In fact they are the opposite around screen of any variety. The simple reason is that

Happiness and wellbeing cannot be bought online it needs to be physically created from the very beginning in each and every human being.

I invite you gently to ask in these tough moments within your own scared mind – what is the dream I have for my child? Quick fixes or human beings who are capable to experience their entire range of emotions?

Keep watching this space for more insights on intentional parenting. As parents we all are in the same boat. Some days are golden and some days are so full of chaos. Message me your challenges you are facing when your child melts down for a certain gadget / toy / stuff!

Till then much love A Crazy n Happy Parent 

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