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Does your child lack focus after their screen time?

Screen entertainment, disguised as the edutainment industry, creates images that are vivid and attractive computer-generated imagery. Consistent viewing of high engagement animation results in the re-alignment of thoughts in the minds of children. This alignment of thoughts creates what Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi – Author of FLOW – feeling of well being, state of bliss and long term happiness, explains like so:

In FLOW, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi explains the release of well-being hormones called serotonin in the bloodstream of high achievers but from a repeated and extended activity through their actions. Serotonin is released when we get engrossed in screen binging. That’s the power of our mind if we learn to consistently align our thoughts in a certain direction. If a child has access to screens out of habit for the most of the day, even if it’s for 20- 30 minutes, slowly and gradually, it will perpetuate as a trigger to anticipate happiness and well-being in the child’s mind and body. And they start anticipating this kick of the day.

Happiness = Screen binge.

It’s easy, there’s no hard work required. All these small and innocent children have to do is:

Sit, hold and stare

Fiddle with fingers and after a while fiddle a little more

Stand and imitate moves of a “sport” with X box/play stations When you’re attempting to reduce the screen time, remember that the child’s bloodstream and mind are kicking in and craving the doze of modern-day drug= screens. You need to be gentle, first on yourself because you are just beginning and this will be an everyday job and treat them with compassion.

Drop your questions and challenges in the comments below and I will pick a question and share ways to Gadget [Less] in the lives of young children 0-14

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