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How to raise your young children in the digital noise?

Packed with research and specific routines to build more healthy and engaging habits for children aged 2-14 years. This book will help parents and primary care givers to reduce and prevent screen addiction which will result in better focus and concentration and lesser emotional meltdowns in your young children caused due to denial of screens.

A little peep into my career and life

I am excited to welcome you on my page! 
I am in love with transitions / change / chaos / flip of events

The above is exciting and insightful for me. Being a military kid I always moved from one location to another within a span of 2 years! Very early I learnt to embrace – Unknown . Confusion . Uncertainty. I explored several professions before I settled as a coach / consultant

A little peep into my career and life

Psychologist >> Dropped out psychologist >> Masters in Space design >> Product Design Head >> Head of Retail Production >> Corporate soft skills trainer  >> 1-2-1 coaching >> Personal Leadership Consultant

2018 was a turning point in my life and career. Both were HUGE in chaos. No matter how much I love transitions I hated this one I lost my mother and I lost my will to facilitate anymore as a soft skill trainer – all in one year! I said NO to my existing work – with a thumping and scared heart! And I deep dived to explore myself through the world’s best coaching model, I also walked the talk and hired a coach for myself.

I realized what the belief of one person could do – in my life and career!

Since then I never looked back. All this while being a mother of two young children 7 and 3.

I further dived into understanding transitions mastering 150 + plus hours as a coach helping clients THROUGH a transition in their life or career. If I have to summarize in one simple sentence the reason to keep going and being successful at what I do is this:


You see when you embark on the journey to really understand and take action in your life, you will receive an amazing amount of “suggestions” from everyone around. How much of those suggestions we TRULY MAKE REAL for ourselves will decide if you will take action for your own future vision.

Phew, I guess enough about me

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